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Homeowner’s Associations (HOA)

We, as Campbell Landscapes, Inc., understand the difficulties the Board of Directors and landscape committee chairs have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. We understand that you’re a volunteer. We appreciate how difficult your job is; especially when there are many different ideas on what is best for your home owner’s association community. Our job is to relieve you of some of this pain and stress. We have the ability to mediate the landscape responsibilities between the Board of Directors, the resident owners, and the property managers; this comes from having over 35 years of experience and the know-how to deal with these situations. Our desire is to maintain your property as beautifully as possible by always doing what is best horticulturally. My statement every day to our people is, “We maintain it like it’s our own!” In knowing this is our desire- allow Campbell Landscapes, Inc. to meet your homeowner’s association’s expectations.


Cost and Pricing

At Campbell Landscapes, Inc. we know we’re not the cheapest and most of the time we are not hired on the basis of cost. We are hired because of our commiment level. We produce amazing results; I always advise new clients, “If you don’t see significant results in the first 30 days, please don’t pay us. If you’re not satisfied we’ll leave quietly.” In my 34+ years, fortunately, that’s never happened. We are committed to a long-term relationship. We understand your’re not making a change because you’re happy with your current company. We know that there are challenges ahead of us; we’re here to accept those challenges. 


We maintain it like it’s our own!

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If you don’t see significant results in the first 30 days, please don’t pay us.

Irrigation Management (Water Conservation)

Water- what a precious resource!! The use of this resource is probably what has the most significant changes seen in my 34+ years. In this industry, unfortunately, overwatering is the norm. Other companies take the easier way and just let it go instead of correcting the situation. It is our responsibility to work with our community HOA property manager to constantly update, advise, and find solutions to control the situation. This is something that I believe in, I cannot let a client allow a system to exist that causes over watering and waste without letting them know they have other options. Yes, other options are available!! We have the ability to improve and rectify poor functioning systems. Unfortunately this costs but it is money wisely spent. With new technologies, properties have the ability to save as mush as 60% when it comes to water usage!! Let us show you how a beautiful landscape does not need to be starved of water. 


Commercial Properties

We at Campbell Landscapes, Inc. are professionals. We are in constant communication with our maintenance crews who have all the equipment necessary to maintain your commercial property. Our maintenance staff is uniformed, in possession of safety equipment and with fully marked, clean and efficient vehicles. We have the ability to maintain any and all size properties. We understand that your need to get value for your dollar is our responsibility. We are constantly monitoring your commercial property so it maintains it’s fullest value and potential.



  • 2000 Project Cuddle President's Circle Award

  • 2004 CLCA Outstanding Achievement

California Landscapes Contractors Association

Classifications C27 & C53

Lic#: 572044

  • Pasadena Showcase House

Pasadena Showcase

1992 House of Design

  • Featured Project

  • A Proud Member


  • Winner of 25+ Beautification Awards in San Gabriel Valley and surrounding communities


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