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“From Concept to Completion, and Beyond”. We’ve used the process below for over 35 years to complete landscaping projects for over 3500 customers.



The design process is an important part of your landscape construction. A properly thought out design that incorporates all elements of the clients life style needs will really create a clear picture and understanding on how their outdoor living space will benefit their lifestyle. Using the correct planting and proper plant placement taking into consideration of sun and shade tolerances is a critical part of your overall design. The design process is also the time when city zoning and permit process must be taken into consideration. This is an essential part of your design so all expectations can be met.

Cost Evaluation

With your custom design a cost evaluation will be given upon the first presentation of design. A cost evaluation is an itemized list of costs that would be associated with your custom construction costs. With the design and cost evaluation in hand you will be fully able to understand all costs associated with your property. Also at that time (if necessary) make adjustments in design on material selection to help better fit your budget.

Demo/ Set-up

Now that you have signed a contract it is time to begin construction. The demolition part takes into account all or specified amenities to be removed. Also we protect in place or relocate other amenities or plant material which will be reincorporated into you new construction. Set-up also is a time when your new plans are implemented including elevation changes that need to be made which is part of your set-up and layout process. This is also a time to take into consideration minor adjustments to your landscape design.


Electrical/ Gas/ Plumbing

All additional amenities to your new outdoor landscape project are taken into consideration. Proper power (electrical) from basic power to installing additional outlets for all outdoor amenities. Gas lines, BBQ, fire pits, fireplaces, soluble water, and waste water are all taken into consideration as part of your new landscape construction.



Improving drainage around foundations will prevent leakage and water erosion. Properties all have their own unique water flow problems. Abundant water can be redirected in a number of ways, and on the other hand, where there is excessive drainage, high dry spots, soil composition and mixture can be changed to allow for more water retention. As a landscaping design team our goal is to create solutions that are visually appealing and functional at the same time. Capturing properly drained water & diverting it to underground storage tanks has started to catch on as part of a green system water conservation program. Some cities are looking at it as possibly mandatory in some future new landscape installation as part of a water conservation management system.


Our team of seasoned professionals can design/install & service a water wise management system. With all the advances in irrigation technology, there is no reason to waste this precious resource. Also having the understanding that our irrigation system is the Heart of the Landscape from conventional systems, to drip Netafim systems, we have the experience and knowledge to install the correct system for your landscape needs.



Hardscaping architecturally sets the foundation for your landscape colors, textures, and styles. All based on cost effectiveness with your style living always kept in mind. From natural stone to tile pavers, brick, stamped concrete or natural amenities, Campbell Landscapes, Inc. “builds it to last 30 years and builds it like it’s our own.”



We select the appropriate planting material for your needs and your style. Plants are an important element in your landscape with the ability to mix and match colors, textures, smells as well as provide shade in the warm areas. Plants soften up your landscape and give it character and warmth. We are knowledgeable about water-wise planting and know many cities are leaning towards planting with water-wise plants.


landscape lighting

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an important part to a custom landscape construction. To be able to walk your new custom landscape at night really adds to the value and experience and gives you a whole new look with landscape lighting. Also creates security for you and your family. A beautifully lit landscape adds beauty and increases the resale value of your home. With the option of LED lighting, you will save on electricity while maintaining a high quality custom outdoor lighting look. LED bulbs use ¼ the electricity of standard low voltage light bulbs. Bulb life can last up to 50,000 hours giving an LED bulb life approximately 8-12 years.

Custom Water Features

Custom Water Features

A beautiful paradise can be created by simply adding a water feature that will transform any outdoor living space where tranquility, serenity and relaxation are the result. Water features are often the focal point of any space as they not only produce soothing sounds, but create movement and visual interest. They attract birds and wildlife which just accentuates the satisfaction that you enjoy.

There is the right water feature for every budget and landscape space. Whether you have a small space garden or balcony or an expansive backyard, a water feature can be selected or custom designed just for that specific setting. From simple cascading urn fountain to a large Koi pond, your landscape and your enjoyment can only be enhanced with a water feature.

custom Pools and spas

Custom Pools/Spas

New & remodel (we are remodeling specialists)

Pools and spas are an absolute landscape center piece & there are positives and negatives to owning a pool/spa. With new technologies we continually strive to make their amenities cost effective from pool & spas that are basic and simple and everything beyond. Quality doesn’t come cheap; we build a quality water amenity that last for decades.


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